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Site Policy

Terms and Conditions

This web site is operated and managed by Tokai Kyowa Co., Ltd. (referred to as "our company"). Before using this web site, please read the following terms, and use only upon agreement to these terms. The Terms and Conditions of this web site may be subject to change without notice. The new Terms and Conditions will apply in that case, so we ask that you please check the latest contents. When using this web site, you shall be deemed to have agreed to all of the terms and conditions.


Our company handles with care information that is posted on this web site, text, data, images, photographs, videos, software, etc., but their accuracy, completeness, usefulness, safety and other, are not guaranteed. In case our customers suffer damages related to their use, we do not assume any responsibility. Information on other websites linked to this website, is not under our management (these website are called "third party sites"). Our company does not assume any responsibility for use of third-party site by customers. Also, by setting links to third party sites we do not mean to recommend the use of third party sites, items, services, and companies listed on third party sites and we do not intend to suggest any alliance or partnership exists between the companies which operate the third party sites and our company. We may, without notice, modify or delete etc., the contents of this website. In addition, our company may without notice, stop, suspend, cancel, etc., the operation of this website. Even if a customer has suffered damages related to these actions, our company does not assume any responsibility.

Regarding links

If you wish to link to this website, please fill out the Contact form providing information related to the content of the web site, URL, purpose for linking, URL of the link source, the URL of the website you want to link to, your name and contact details. However, our company may refuse a link at its discretion. We are not liable for damages or disputes due to links to this website, and we do not assume any responsibility whatsoever.

Handling of Personal Information

Handling of personal information acquired in connection with this web site will be done according to our company's privacy policy.


These Terms and Conditions define the conditions relating to the use of the website, but are not intended to define the rights and obligations of concrete transactions with our Company. Regarding specific conditions for transactions with our company, regardless of whether those are made ​​through this web site, we will make a separate contract.