Our motto is "safe, reliable and quick". We are a one-stop service that deals with everything from pickup to delivery of cargo.



We would like to express our gratitude to our patrons for their continuous support.


Specializing in the port transportation industry since its foundation in 1949, our company has continued to provide safe and secure services for our customers' satisfaction. Our intermodal transportation system, based on a high-quality, that allows us to manage everything from pickup to delivery of cargo has been well received by many customers.


We will continue to respond flexibly to changes in the company situation surrounding logistics in the future, and to use the know-how that we have cultivated in all business areas in order to provide the best services that anticipate the needs of our individual customers.


We will continue to make efforts diligently to be the best partner in business for our customers.


Tokai Kyowa Co., Ltd.


Established March 30, 1949
Capital 99 Million yen
Head Office 1-1-20 Irifune,
Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Japan 455-8539
Business Details Port Transport
Freight Utilization Transport
Maritime / Trading Agency
Longshoreman Dispatch
General Worker Dispatch
Paid Emplogyment Referral
Other Related Businesses


1949 Established "Kyowa Kairiku Niyaku Co., Ltd."
Started operations in stevedoring and longshore work
1951 Registered as a Grade 2(Stevedoring) business and a Grade 4(Longshore Work) business in accordance with the enactment of the Port Transport Industry Law
1959 Registered as a Grade 1(General Port Transport) business
1963 Acquired licenses for Grade 1, 2, and 4 businesses in accordance with the transition to the Port Transport Industry License System
1969 Changed the firm name to "Tokai Kyowa Kairiku Co., Ltd."
Inherited the business of "Maritime Cargo Handling" from Tokai Unyu Co., Ltd. and simultaneously acquired the permit to become a "Customs Business"
1970 Merged with Maruhachi Kaiun Co., Ltd. (established April 1920) Inherited the rights and obligations of the same company, and started business in domestic transport services
1972 Head office buliding completed
Established the affiliate company "Kyowa Rikuun Co., Ltd."
(land transportation business)
1977 Opened No.1 warehouse at disribution center
Established the affiliate company "Meijo Shipping Agency Co., Ltd."
(the existing Meijo Shipping Co., Ltd.)
1985 Changed the firm name to "Tokai Kyowa Co., Ltd."
Established the affiliate company "Kyowa Seibi Co., Ltd."
(later merged with the existing Kyowa Rikuun Co., Ltd.(1999))
1988 Extends No.2 warehouse at distribution center
1989 Started operation of the Nagoya Port Operation Center
1993 Started operation of International Distribution Center
2010 Extends No.3 warehouse at distribution center
2011 Opens facility for hazardous materials at distribution center
2012 Established "Tank Navigations Ltd."
Opens Nishihama Bampur hazardous materials storage
2016 Started operation of a warehouse at Kinjo wharf
2018 Established the affiliate company "TKK Transport Co., Ltd."