Our motto is "safe, reliable and quick". We are a one-stop service that deals with everything from pickup to delivery of cargo.


International Logistics

We bring multimodal transport logistics services with full use of our own network.

We connect customers and places all around the world, and offer you quick and accurate multimodal transport services. In addition to offering means of transport to meet the needs of our customers from daily necessities to heavy-weight goods, we also deal with customs clearance, storage, heating and cleaning associated with chemical products transportation.

Cargo Collection / Delivery
We handle everythign from small cargo in box units, to heavy-weight and long objects. We pick up equipment or large machinery from the specified location, and manage everything up to installation.

Export Warehouse Work / Packing
We do container loading operations for export cargo, as well as preparatory work for shipment. We can also carry out incidental tasks such as palletizing and packing.
We offer the best packing options that take into account the laws and regulations of the export destination and the shape of the cargo.

Import Warehouse Work / Distribution Processing

We perform a variety of incidental operations, from inspection, tagging, and store assortment before the imported goods are put into distribution and through sales channels. We offer consolidation of distribution centers, such as storage facilities which give priority to quality management.

Customs Clearance

Customs officers with experience and expertise are responsible for customs clearance in accordance with compliance regulations.

We can help with various legal proceedings relating to imports and exports, as well as animal and plant quarantine.

Overseas Transport
By using container ships- the mainstream of maritime transport, and conventional cargo ships, RO / RO vessels carrying special or heavy cargo, we carry cargo to any place in the world.

International Network

Together with partners in each country, and through logistics network of which our company is a member, we offer you a multimodal transport.