Our motto is "safe, reliable and quick". We are a one-stop service that deals with everything from pickup to delivery of cargo.


Domestic Logistics

Our own distribution system that connects customers and destinations. This is TKK's "land-sea intermodal transportation."

Land and sea intermodal transportation logistics system that centralizes management of land and sea transport, connecting customers to destinations. We adopted this system very early, and as experts of domestic distribution, we offer the best logistics and most detailed and unique services.

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we offer coverage of all of Japan with our "Door to Door" service
North through Sendai Tomakomai until Kushiro. South to Ishigaki Island through Osaka, Naha, Miyakojima. We deliver cargo everywhere in Japan through our consolidated local land and sea transport routes from North to South.


Shape of the cargo is not an issue.
From small cargo of foods and household goods, to large cargo of construction materials and factory plants, the shape of the cargo that can be transported is not an issue with us. Taking advantage of the variety of transport equipment, trailers or containers, as well as of the benefits of shipping, we offer the best means of transport in accordance with the type and characteristics of the cargo.

Transport is also centralized in the management system

We have an in-house centralized management system that controls all business from pickup to delivery. Therefore, we can answer quickly and accurately all inquiries regarding delivery.