Our motto is "safe, reliable and quick". We are a one-stop service that deals with everything from pickup to delivery of cargo.


Port Logistics

Container Terminal

We have generalized the management of container loading and unloading work at contatiner terminals at stopover points for transport that connects land and sea.

From sea to land. From land to sea. Our main concerns are always safety, speed and accurateness of work. In order to accurately process large amounts of containers, we use large cargo handling equipment such as gantry cranes.


We load and unload cargo for any type of ship, including container ships, automobile ships, and conventional freighters.

The ships are all different and the cargo to be loaded also comes in a wide variety. We provide the most appropriate operations for each and every situation.


We temporarily store and manage import cargo that will be delivered to the customer, and cargo before export that we receive from the customer.

"Until it is sent. Until it is delivered". You can rely on us to store and manage your cargo under optimum conditions.

Van Pool

We store, maintain and repair containers used for transport.

We carry out repairs and temporarily store containers of shipping companies that we serve as an agent for. At the same time we conduct storage conditions data management and make every effort so that the flow of logistics does not stop.